[INDOLOGY] 6th Coffee Break Conference to be held in Rome, September 2015

Elisa Freschi elisa.freschi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 11:03:18 UTC 2015

*Dear friends and colleagues,in case you are considering to visit Rome at
the end of this Summer, here is an additional reason for doing it. Please
consider the following also as an invitation to join a collaborative
enterprise which might be more intriguing and stimulating (and will surely
be more fun) than usual conferences:*
*A Coffee Break Conference on **Comparison and Comparative Method*
Rome, Institute of Oriental Studies, University "Sapienza", 17--19
September 2015

*About the CBCs in general*
The Coffee Break Conference (CBC) project is the result of a larger
reflection on the common sensical statement that "the most interesting
parts of a conference are the coffee breaks". One yawns or falls asleep
while most papers are read — apart from a couple of them and one's own one.
By contrast, one often takes part of challenging and fascinating debates
while sipping at a cup of tea or coffee. Often, the same papers sound
thought-provoking and insightful during the breaks, and extremely boring
while they are actually read. Therefore, what a "coffee break conference"
aims at is to leave behind the rigidity and formality of the official
academic and scholarly meetings and to favour an open-minded exchange of
ideas, suggestions, discussions and criticisms, within the spirit of a
friendly dialogue held in an informal atmosphere.

*About this conference in particular*

1) Linguistic Selves
Language and Identity in the Premodern World (contact person: Andrew
Ollett, andrew.ollett at gmail.com)

2) From cross-cultural comparison to shared epistemic spaces: educating
desire in the “medieval” epistemic space
(contact person: Marco Lauri, marco.f.lauri at gmail.com)

3) The “Religion” Challenge
Comparative Religious Studies and the Trouble to Transfer Conceptional
Terms from Europe to Asia (contact persons: Ann-Kathrin Wolff,
ann-kathrin.wolf at rub.de; Madlen Krüger, madlen.krueger at rub.de)

4) Is Theology comparable? Comparison applied to “Theology” and “God”
(contact person: Elisa Freschi, elisa.freschi at gmail.com)

5) Knowing the unknown: Extra-ordinary cognitions in Brahmanical
(contact person: Marco Ferrante, marco.ferrante at oeaw.ac.at)

6) The trans-cultural reshaping of psychoanalysis
or the perks of comparative psychodynamics (contact person: Daniele Cuneo,
danielecuneo at hotmail.it)

You can find the calls for papers and every other information here:

Looking forward to see or meet you in Rome,

elisa freschi

Dr. Elisa Freschi

Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Apostelgasse 23
1030 Vienna
Phone +43 1 51581 6433
Fax +43 1 51581 6410

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