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Peter Scharf scharfpm7 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 14:22:39 UTC 2015

Dear fellow Indologists,
	I am editing a bibliography concerning Sanskrit syntax and have two questions concerning the page ranges of papers that I am unable to answer from my present location in Bombay.  Would one of you located at a good research library be able to assist me by supplying the information indicated in red in these two bibliography entries?
	Thank you in advance.

author =	{Brugmann, Karl},
title =	{Die Demonstrativpronomina der indogermanischen Sprachen},
subtitle =	{Eine bedeutungsgeschichtliche Untersuchung},
journaltitle =	{Abhandlungen der K\"oniglich-S\"achsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, philosophisch-historische Classe},
volume =	{6},
pages =	{xxxxx},
location =	{Leipzig},
date =	{1904},

author =	{Bernard Comrie},
title =	{Russian},
crossref =	{interrogativity},
pages =	{xxxxx},


title =	{Interrogativity},
subtitle =	{a colloquium on the grammar, typology and pragmatics of questions in seven diverse languages, Cleveland, Ohio, October 5th 1981 - May 3rd 1982},
editor =	{William S. Chisholm},
series =	{Typological Studies in Language},
volume =	{4},
location =	{Amsterdam; Philadelphia},
publisher =	{John Benjamins},
date =	{1984},

Peter M. Scharf
scharfpm7 at gmail.com

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