[INDOLOGY] Satirical criticism in Sanskrit literature and philosophy?

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Claim of revival of Kshemendra's tradition here:

*(Translated from Sanskrit in Hindi and English)*

*Hard Cover*
*Publisher : *Vagyoga Chetanapeetham
*Page:* 111 + 296, ISBN: 81-85570-04-3
*Available:* In Sanskrit, Hindi & English

This book carries on, after a gap of 1000 years the tradition which began
and ended with the great kashmirian poet ksemendra who wrote narma-mala and
desopadesa two books of satirical sayings. this narma-saptasati book fills
a long awaited need in the whole tradition of Sanskrit literature.

This point of satire is to express in a flash deeper meaning which goes
beyond the literal meaning of the words .as soon as a person is able to
grasp this underlying meaning ,his heart is filled with delight. In drawing
from the whole range of human experience ,this author of this book utilized
the subtle but powerful style of satire to express the natural feelings
,faults and failures of family, social and student faults, and qualities of
the portrayed character ,to see them in themselves and there by improve.
These satire written in short, self contained dialogue of three kinds
:1-storied 2-Enigmatic and  3- witty which will give to all readers a rich
source of amusement.

The study of the text will hopefully reveal to the readers flexibility and
power of Sanskrit to express contemporary themes while awaking a general
interest in Sanskrit. It is hoped that it will also purify the readers
natural and instruct them in the yogic voice of Sanskrit.  It has been
written in the form of dialogues with a view to its easy and retarding and
to bring about naturally a knowledge of conversational Sanskrit.  One easy
anustubh meter has been used so that even the average Sanskrit knowing
person can understand the meaning of these satire without their exercising
any undue pressure on his/her mind

Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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