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We have discussed this earlier. Here a record delay:

"in 1973-74 I visited the Benares Sanskrit University three times and tried to obtain a microfilm copy of the unique MS of the Black Yajurveda Kapiṣṭhala Saṃhitā. I duly paid the required fee, even gave them an undeveloped microfilm and a bottle of developer, all to no avail. When the director of the Library recently wrote to me on another matter, I answered he should first please send me the microfilm, a quarter of a century later: no answer was received. I then wrote to the Göttingen University library to obtain a copy of this MS, made for Kielhorn more than 100 years ago. They replied that they were rather busy; nevertheless the pdf arrived three weeks later... "

See:  <http://ejvs.laurasianacademy.com/witzel-philology.pdf> note 214.



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> Dear members of the Indology list,
> I am in Mumbai nowadays and have been in Pune recently, and I am wondering if it is still possible to obtain copies of Sanskrit manuscripts in India. The Asiatic Society is now asking 5000 rps for photographying one page of a Ms. That is approximately 70 Euros and I doubt any European library is asking such an amount. In some German libraries, recently, I could take photos for free. On the other hand, other Indian places are much cheaper, but the work must be made by the staff and sometimes it is simply not done. By instance, I have ordered copies of Mss. at the BORI, Pune, in 2013 and I am still waiting for some, even though I have visited Pune two weeks ago and asked Mr Bapat to complete the work as soon as possible. I am phoning him every day and he promises, but nothing comes out. I suppose some of you have experienced the same.
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> J.M.Delire, Lecturer on Science and Civilization of India, University of Brussels
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