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If I correctly understood the question it would be an uphill task that has
to be separately taken up and then to be decided. For, the old Catalogus
Catalogorum is outdated and the compilation of a new one was still going on
when I last visited it. The task of finding out just reported manuscripts
gave progressively different results.
But I might have wrongly understood the question mentioned.

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> Dear colleagues,
> I have been asked the question below, to which I cannot remember the
> answer either.  Does anyone else have a better memory (or the forethought
> to make a note of the reference) or is able to point us to equivalent
> information?  Any leads would be most welcome.
> "I’m currently putting together a small presentation for a workshop on
> digitisation  . . . and, as is the way of things, trying to track down a
> reference for a piece I once read about the loss of manuscript collections
> in India since the Raghavan survey. I remember once reading some
> astonishing assertion of the percentage of manuscripts listed in that
> survey that were no longer extent but stupidly didn’t note the reference. I
> had thought it was in one of Dominik Wujastyk’s articles but have failed to
> find anything beyond more general comments about the 19th century being
> the point at which India had the richest manuscript collections."
> Best wishes
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