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Nagaraj Paturi nagarajpaturi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 05:56:57 UTC 2015

Dear Prof. Hauben and Prof. Reigle,

I am excited to follow your discussion on Adhyatman interpretations.

Particularly because aadhibhautika, aadhidaivika, aadhyaatmika as levels of
meaning /interpretation were proposed by me in my PhD dissertation (1998 ,
covering the proposal of an Indian version  of myth criticism ) for the
interpretation of 'myth' ('puraaNa kathaa'). At that time , I did not know
that there was already a strand of scholarship using the words such as
aadhibhautika, aadhidaivika, aadhyaatmika as levels of meaning
/interpretation. Now that I see you scholars using these words taking such
a usage for granted, I guess there must be publications with such use of
these words. Can you please guide me towards that bibliography.

I was curious to see adhiyajna included into this group by Prof. Hauben.

Adhiyajna is not included in groupings such as taapatraya. But it figures
in the list brought in by Arjuna in the eighth chapter of the Gita. I
wanted to know if Prof. Hauben's inspiration was from this occurence in the
Gita only or if there is any other precedence of usage of adhiyajna along
side aadhibhautika, aadhidaivika, aadhyaatmika as levels of meaning

Sri Aurobindo, Kavyakantha Ganapatimuni and others among those who freely
resorted to non-Vedanta style aadhyaatmika interpretations of
words/concepts of Vedic mantras.

Anyway thanks for the discussion.


Nagaraj Paturi

Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA.

Former Senior Professor of Cultural Studies

FLAME School of Communication and FLAME School of  Liberal Education,

(Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA )

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