[INDOLOGY] Workshop on Kāraka with Prof. George Cardona

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Sat Dec 12 11:56:32 UTC 2015

*Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune*

*Workshop on Kāraka*

*In Collaboration With *

*Savitribai Phule Pune University, Vaidika Samshodhan Mandal, Panini
Pratishthan,and  Samvidya Institute of Cultural Studies *


*About the course*

The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute is happy to announce an
intensive workshop on the Pāṇinian Grammar, focusing particularly on the
Kāraka. This workshop will be conducted by Prof. George Cardona, Professor
Emeritus of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U. S. A.
The workshop is expected to be of inter-active nature.

*Reading Material*

*Level I*: Mahābhāṣya on 1.4.23: *kārake*, with Kaiyaṭa’s Mahābhāṣyapradīpa
and Nāgojībhaṭṭa’s Uddyota commentaries;

*Level II*: First 44 kārikas of Bhartṛhari’s sādhanasamuddeśa of the
Vākyapadīya, with Helārāja’s Commentary;

*Level III*: The Kāśikāvṛtti on 1.4.23 with Jinednrabuddhi’s Nyāsa and
Haradatta’s Padamañjarī Commentaries;

*Level IV*: The Śabdakaustubha of Bhaṭṭojī Dīkṣita on this sūtra.

If time allows, Prof. Cardona will then go on to consider the pertinent set
of kārikās of the first kāṇḍa of the Vākyapadīya, with the svopajñavṛtti,
concerning *sphoṭa*, along with the section from the Śābarabhāṣya that
deals with the issue (अथ गौरित्यत्र कः शब्दः) and relevant portion from the

*Duration*: February 1 to March 5, 2016, Monday to Friday, Time: 10 AM to
12 Noon.

Total hours of reading sessions: 50.

*Venue*: Nizam Guest House, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune,

*Eligibility*: M. A. in Sanskrit/Indian Studies/Linguistics with a good
background of Sanskrit grammar.

*Fees*: Rs. 5000/- for the entire workshop payable through a cheque / a DD
drawn on a branch of an Indian Nationalized Bank or an overseas bank with a
branch in India. For wire transfer, we shall provide our bank details.

*Accommodation*: Limited accommodation, at the Nizam Guest House of BORI,
available on the first come first served basis. Charges: (for five weeks),
single room, around Rs. 15,000/- (ground floor) and Rs. 20,000 (first
floor) /-, including taxes. Besides, the Institute will help finding
suitable accommodation elsewhere.

*Contact*: Prof. S. S. Bahulkar, Honorary Secretary, Bhandarkar Oriental
Research Institute, 812, Shivajinagar, Law College Road, Pune 411 004,

*Email*: <bhandarkarinstitute at gmail.com>

*Phones*: +91-9272296556 (Cell Phone); +91-20-25661363 (Office, Direct
Line); +91-20-25656932 (Office)



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