[INDOLOGY] training in poetic composition in traditional Sanskrit education?

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Fri Aug 28 22:46:47 UTC 2015

Dear Allen,

     In Pune, we were positively encouraged to compose verses in Sanskrit.
My highschool Sanskrit teacher, Pandit N. N. Bhide, routinely asked us to
translate from Marathi into Sanskrit verse.  The Tilak Maharashtra
Vidyapith used to hold various annual competitions on the occasion of
Vyāsapūjā including story-telling, verse-composition, quick memorization,
Sanskrit debate etc.  So, composing verses in Sanskrit was encouraged in
Pune, not only in the more traditional institutions, but also in modern
institutions like the S. P. College and Fergusson College.  Several of our
teachers used to compose poems in Sanskrit and publish them in the local
Sanskrit journals like Śāradā and Bhāratavāṇī, and also in the annual
magazines of Fergusson College etc.  I am describing my historical
experience, but some of these activities are continuing into modern times
as well.


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> Subject: training in poetic composition in traditional Sanskrit education?
> From reading about traditional (Early Modern and Modern) Western training
> in Latin and Greek, in which composition was an important part, I am led to
> wonder if it was standard in traditional Sanskritic education for students
> to be assigned to compose verse, either the basic Zloka for expository
> works or more elaborate kavya.  Any thoughts or evidence.
> Allen

Madhav M. Deshpande
Professor of Sanskrit and Linguistics
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