[INDOLOGY] avoiding insignificant corrections

Rohana Seneviratne rohana.seneviratne at orinst.ox.ac.uk
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I'm sure many of you are aware of this great offer from Google. The Gmail users can now undo sending within a maximum of 30 seconds. I personally find it very useful as I often hit the send button without attaching the attachment I say I do in the email. :)


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Dear freinds,

We are a scholalry community that stribes for precision.  Email is a medium that lies somewhere betwen speech and proper writing, but is neither. It has carved out it's own speshial space as what might be caled a "casual written" form.

It is painful to send of a mesage and see, just a second later, that theres a errror in it.  However, for all the other readers on the list, it is also painful to receive supplementory posts correcting minor spelling errors in a previos post.

I sugest that - inasmuch as we can bear it -- we just allow a normal level of typos to go past without comment, and that we take a lenient attitudde with eachothers posts.

Dominic Wujastky

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