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Wed Apr 29 22:46:12 UTC 2015

I have recently received several unsolicited advertisements from a new
publishing industry conglomerate called Kudos
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kudos_%28scholarly_reputation%29>.  Kudos is
inviting scholars to provide information about their publications (URLs,
DOIs, etc.)  Kudos will then provide metrics about citation, subject
cross-linking, and some other added services that play into the
contemporary world of impact assessment etc.

I don't like impact factors.  I think that a person's academic standing is
best evaluated by peers who have read and understood the person's work.
It's laborious and specialized, but unavoidable if one wants a serious
outcome.  All such processesof evaluation are flawed, but trying to
semi-automate the evaluation of intellectual worth seems more obviously
flawed than some enterprises.

I don't like unsolicited advertisements.  And, personally, I am not even
slightly tempted by what Kudos is offering.  To me, it looks like the wolf
inviting the sheep for tea.

I use Academia.edu, and I have been more than happy with their service.
Others report similar satisfaction with ResearchGate, Mendeley, Zotero and
other services.  They don't all do quite the same thing, but they are all
independent of the publishing industry (as far as I know).

Just my two cents' worth.

Dominik Wujastyk

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