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Worth mentioning in passing might be episodes from the Buddha legend, especially from the Lalitavistara, where the bodhisattva is depicted as defeating all his young Śākya colleagues. Sculptural representations of the (series of) episode(s), especially in Gandhāran art, are numerous. A good starting point is certainly Isao Kurita, Gandhāran Art, I, The Buddha's Life Story, especially pp. 54-55; other reproductions can be found in W. Zwalf, A Catalogue of Gandhāra Sculpture in the British Museum, vol. II,  unfortunately unavailable to me right now.
Nobody knows what another might find in textual or iconographic sources, so why not give it a try...
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On materials (with illustrations), see M. Emeneau's "The Composite Bow
in India," in Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 97
(1953), 77-87.

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On 4/7/2015 5:31 PM, Vanessa Sasson wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I am trying to imagine what archery would have been like in ancient
> India (roughly 2500-2000 years ago). I am interested in archery
> techniques as well as archery materials (what would the bows and arrows
> have been made of?). Can anyone recommend some materials on this
> subject? I have been looking around, but have not yet found quite what I
> am looking for. It is for purposes of imagining the art more than
> anything else.
> Many thanks,
> Vanessa R. Sasson
> Religious Studies
> Marianopolis College
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