[INDOLOGY] Tukaram and the name Tuka

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Mon Apr 6 15:08:08 UTC 2015

Thanks for your replies Nagaraj and Palaniappan!

Since Venus (*śukra) *can be seen just before sunrise or just after sunset
as a bright morning or evening star, it is possible that a specific term
for Venus has merged with the generic term for star. At twilight, it seems
Venus is up to 15 times brighter than the brightest star, Sirius.

Based on the semantics of *śukla/**śukra *'bright', 'white', 'bright star'*,
*and the Tamil semantics as pointed out by Palaniappan, I now believe that
DEDR was wrong to include the meanings of star in the same entry [DEDR 2646
<http://kolichala.com/DEDR/searchindexid.php?q=2646&esb=1> ], along with
the meanings of spot, speck, dot, water-drop.

Does Sanskrit *śukla/**śukra *'bright' have any Indo-European (or
Indo-Iranian) cognates?

Atlanta, GA.

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