[INDOLOGY] Tukaram and the name Tuka

Martin Gansten martin.gansten at pbhome.se
Sat Apr 4 08:13:42 UTC 2015

In my researches into Tājika or Sanskritized Perso-Arabic astrology I've 
come across the name of an author not mentioned in any of David 
Pingree's works, a Tuka Jyotirvid. I'd never heard the name Tuka before 
and was wondering whether it could possibly be a Sanskrit version of a 
Persian name; but that seems unlikely, given that Tuka Jyotirvid wrote a 
work in Sanskrit verse. Then I thought of Sant Tukārām, whose name I 
presume is a compound (of either tukā + rāma or tuka + ārāma). I'd be 
glad of any information on the first member of this name: geographical 
and linguistic origins, meaning, caste or other social/religious 
connotations, etc. Above all, are people still called Tuk(a)/Tukā, or do 
we at least know of any historical person by that or a similar name 
other than Tukārām?

Many thanks in advance, and apologies for cross-posting.

Martin Gansten

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