[INDOLOGY] Source of "nAdevo devam arcayet"

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Tue Sep 30 06:16:41 UTC 2014

Thanks to Niveditaji for alternative expressions with the word siva for
rudra for the oft quoted nArudrO rudramarchayEt .

But these expressions need not  necessarily be taken to Advaita Vedanta.

They might have to do with the ritual requirement of an 'elevated' level of
'consciousness' for the operation of the supernatural. Otherwise the verb
archayEt and the conditionality in the sentence can not be explained.

Also, nArudrO rudramarchayEt is seen expressed in revert ways in early
"Saiva canons and in later paddhati literature, for example: in Ni"svaasa
uttarasuutra, 2.8.: "śivībhutaḥ
prasannātmā śivasyārcanamācaret"; in Sarvajñānottara tantra, 5.2.
supūtātmā śivasyārcanamārabhet" and in many "Saiva Paddhati literature
bhūtvā śivaṃ yajet". Morever, it is a Vedantic concept of identifying
oneself with Brahman (aham brahmosmi, so aham), and implemented in "Saiva
philosophy as well in "Saiva rituals and worship as Prof. Nagaraj Paturi

Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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