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Also, nArudrO rudramarchayEt is seen expressed in revert ways in early "Saiva canons and in later paddhati literature, for example: in Ni"svaasa uttarasuutra, 2.8.: "śivībhutaḥ
prasannātmā śivasyārcanamācaret"; in Sarvajñānottara tantra, 5.2. "śivībhūtah
supūtātmā śivasyārcanamārabhet" and in many "Saiva Paddhati literature -"śivo
bhūtvā śivaṃ yajet". Morever, it is a Vedantic concept of identifying oneself with Brahman (aham brahmosmi, so aham), and implemented in "Saiva philosophy as well in "Saiva rituals and worship as Prof. Nagaraj Paturi mentions.
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This basic concept and the statement to that effect is found in almost all Saiva systems and the allied SAkta systems such as the SrIvidyA. But in all probability, it seems to be absent ( or not so prominent ?) in the VaiShNava tradition, especially in the PAncarAtra system.


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nArudrO rudramarchayEt is usually quoted by the performers of mahanyAsa pUrvaka rudrAbhishEka ritual as an explanation for the anganyaasa karanyaasa portions of the ritual in which the performer does aavaahana (the supernatural process of bringing and filling the spirit into one's own self)  of rudra onto himself.
>Similar anganyaasa karanyaasa portions form the early part of archanaa of many other dEvas. nAdevo devam arcayet is probably an extension of the statement nArudrO rudramarchayEt to the rituals other than rudrAbhiShEka.
>Prof.Nagaraj Paturi
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