[INDOLOGY] Query about Sinhala apocalypse myth

James Stewart james.stewart at lankamail.com
Mon Sep 29 05:10:54 UTC 2014

Dear all,

I would greatly appreciate any help finding some more information about an
apocalypse myth mentioned in Richard Gombrich's *Precept and Practice*
(Routledge, p.336).

Gombrich describes it as a *murugasaṃvarsāva* (wild beast deluge) and the
basic premise is that the end of Buddhism is triggered by moral degeneracy
that ultimately leads to a great flood. This in turn causes humanity to
transform into wild beasts and everyone is killed.

I am interested in this *murugasaṃvarsāva* event: 1) Does anyone know if
there are any primary sources (in Sinhala or otherwise) that detail the
event? 2) Apart from Gombrich is there any other secondary literature on
this specific subject that you would recommend?

Thank you all in advance.

Kind regards,



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