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On Saturday, September 27, 2014 7:24:19 PM UTC+5:30, dhaval wrote:
> Respected scholars,
> I wanted your help in understanding references given after uNAdi 
> explanations.
> My guess was that it refers to uNAdi sUtra numbers.
> But when I checked the following available uNAdi works, I didn't find the 
> numbers tallying.
> 1. uNAdisUtras with the vRtti of zvetavanavAsin (Uni of Madras, 1933)
> 2. uNAdisUtrANi nArAyaNabhaTTaviracitaprakriyAsarvasvAkhyavRttiyutAni (Uni 
> of Madras, reprinted by NavaraGga, New Delhi, 1992)
> 3. auNAdikapadArNavaH - perusUriviracitaH (Uni of Madras)
> 4. uNAdisUtras of the kAtantra school with vRtti of dUrgasiMha 
> 5. uNAdikoSaH - zrI satyavrata zAstrI (cittorgarh)
> 6. dazapAdyuNAdivRttiH (The princess of Wales Sarasvati bhavana text 
> series no 81)
If I remember correctly, the last work in the list above 
(Daśapādyuṇādivṛttiḥ) is edited by Mahāmahopādhyāya Yudhiṣṭhira Mīmāṁsaka. 
This work gives two sets of numbers for each Sūtra corresponding to the 
Daśapādī and Pañcapādī both. I have cross-checked the numbers with the 
Pañcapādyuṇādivṛttiḥ of Śvetavanavāsī (1933 Univ of Madras) and they tally.

As shown in the footnote section of the attached image (highlighted in 
green), I usually cite both the Daśapādī and Pañcapādī Sūtra numbers. The 
snapshot is page 290 of the upcoming second edition of 
Adhyātmarāmāyaṇe'pāṇinīyaprayogāṇāṁ Vimarśaḥ.

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