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Sat Sep 27 13:54:11 UTC 2014

Respected scholars,
I wanted your help in understanding references given after uNAdi
My guess was that it refers to uNAdi sUtra numbers.
But when I checked the following available uNAdi works, I didn't find the
numbers tallying.
1. uNAdisUtras with the vRtti of zvetavanavAsin (Uni of Madras, 1933)
2. uNAdisUtrANi nArAyaNabhaTTaviracitaprakriyAsarvasvAkhyavRttiyutAni (Uni
of Madras, reprinted by NavaraGga, New Delhi, 1992)
3. auNAdikapadArNavaH - perusUriviracitaH (Uni of Madras)
4. uNAdisUtras of the kAtantra school with vRtti of dUrgasiMha
5. uNAdikoSaH - zrI satyavrata zAstrI (cittorgarh)
6. dazapAdyuNAdivRttiH (The princess of Wales Sarasvati bhavana text series
no 81)

I would be grateful if the scholars can take me to the correct uNAdi work,
or explain something about these numbers. (The work of Harakare doesn't
seem to mention the edition he referred to).

Dr. Dhaval Patel, I.A.S
District Development Officer, Rajkot

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