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Elena Mucciarelli elena.mucciarelli at indo.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Sep 15 10:04:01 UTC 2014

Dear members of the list,

could anyone suggest me experts in classical Kannada in Karnataka?
I will be there in November-January and I plan to attend classes at the Central Institute for Indian Languages in Mysore, but if there are some scholars whom I can contact, I would be very glad to do it, and it would be a great help for me. I already attended for two years the intensive modern Kannada courses at Würzburg University offered by Prof. B.A. Viveka Rai and Dr. Katrin Binder, but I got only an introduction to classical and old Kannada.
I am working on the process of legitimation in early medieval Karnataka, and I am mainly dealing with inscriptions, but I shall soon also consider the courtly texts.
Therefore these months represent for me a great opportunity.

Than you very much in advance,

Elena Mucciarelli


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