[INDOLOGY] The South Asian Manuscript Book, Workshop at the Faculty of Asian Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge, 25th-27th September 2014

C.A. Formigatti caf57 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Sep 10 14:20:51 UTC 2014

Dear list members,

On behalf of the team of the Sanskrit Manuscripts Project, Cambridge, I 
am glad to announce the upcoming workshop "The South Asian Manuscript 
Book: Material, Textual and Historical Investigations," at the Faculty 
of Asian Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge, 25th-27th September 2014.

Following the workshop on “Buddhist Manuscript Culture: Textuality and 
Materiality” held in April 2013, this workshop will once again mainly 
focus on books as cultural artefacts, but it will broaden its scope to 
encompass all the major religious and intellectual traditions that 
constituted the South Asian manuscript culture, many of which are well 
represented in the collections of the University Library at Cambridge. 
Particular attention will be paid to aspects of the history of 
manuscripts in pre-modern South Asia such as their production, physical 
characteristics, decoration, use, circulation, preservation and 
accessibility in relation to broader dimensions of cultural practice, 
religious affiliation, patronage and locality. Its echoes and parallels 
in other parts of Asia, such as Tibet and Southeast Asia, will also be 
part of the picture.

The workshop is open for anyone who wishes to attend. Any queries can be 
sent to me off list.

Please find the programme attached. The programme is also available 
online on the project weblog 

Best wishes,

Camillo A. Formigatti

Research Associate
Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
University of Cambridge
Sidgwick Avenue
Cambridge CB3 9DA
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