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Patrick, Michael, et al.

You can find the Śukranītisāra here:

Since DLIDownloader has never once worked form (crashes every time), I have my own system of downloading pages from DLI and compiling them into a PDF.  I explained it in an email to someone once before so here it is:

A good utility for extracting pages from DLI is DownThemAll, an add-on for Firefox.  After installing it, you need to navigate to the first page of a DLI on-line book, copy the URL, open DownThemAll manager and set up a download of multiple pages.  You do this by clicking the blue plus-sign button, then in the DOWNLOAD field, past your URL   One way to get this URL is to open the book in the DLI website's reader interface, which will produce a URL like this:


Then remove "FullindexDefault.htm?path1=/" and the whole string beginning with the first &,

and append: /PTIFF/[00000001:00000###].tif
(in which the #'s are the last page of the document, 268 in the example above; there should be 8 digits in the string including the leading 0's; the last page number can be found in the original URL after the string "&last=".  )

in this case, the result will be:

(Note that some books have something else than "rawdataupload1" in that part of the URL.)

Then select your folder and click START!   (leave the default renaming mask.)

The individual tifs can then be combined in Acrobat into a single PDF.


Timothy Lubin
Professor of Religion and Adjunct Professor of Law
Washington and Lee University
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