[INDOLOGY] Commentary to the Majjhimanikaya

Rupert Gethin Rupert.Gethin at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Oct 29 16:10:44 UTC 2014

I am tempted by the instant response to my request for Schayer's article 
to send another request for help. I suspect this may be more 
challenging. Does anyone out there have access to a particular Burmese 
edition of the Papañcasūdanī: Rangoon: Maṇḍine Piṭaka Press, 1921. This 
was used by I.B. Horner in preparing her PTS edition in 1934. The other 
two editions she used are relatively easy to locate in various 
libraries, but I haven't been able to locate a copy of this one.

The portion I am interested in is the commentary to the 
Mahākammavibhaṅga-sutta (PTS edition Ps V 15–21), in particular the 
paragraphs corresponding to PTSe Ps V 20,5-21,3. Horner indicates a 
lacuna in this Burmese edition that I would ideally like to verify.

If someone did have access to this and were able to scan the relevant 
pp. I would be extremely grateful.

With best wishes,

Rupert Gethin

University of Bristol
Department of Religion and Theology
3 Woodland Road
Bristol BS8 1TB, UK

Email: Rupert.Gethin at bristol.ac.uk

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