[INDOLOGY] The place of Indology in the Academy

Tim Cahill tccahill at loyno.edu
Mon Oct 27 22:29:38 UTC 2014

Greg, Dominik, Madhav, Patrick and everybody,

Does anyone know if Sanskrit language has been used to fulfill a 
requirement outside of the Humanities?  I know of "crossover" courses in 
computer science that fulfilled language requirements. Teaching 
programming courses (html 5) to undergrads as an  Natural Science course 
is interesting example.  Any successful attempts to promote or extend 
the "algebraic" aspects of Sanskrit language (or any technical 
Indological topic) to meet general curricular requirements?

Incidentally, Stanley Insler was part of an external review team that 
came to Penn over two decades back. The team *strongly* recommended that 
our large and broad Department of Oriental Studies stay together, 
despite the stated goal of administrators to break it up. They 
eventually succeeded, but the report certainly helped the department 
stay unified through the renamed "Asian & Middle Eastern 
Studies"department mentioned earlier. It is also worth noting that the 
divided parts of that unit are still fairly large.

Tim Cahill
Loyola University New Orleans

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