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I thank my colleagues who helped me with Debrunner AiG II.1 Nachträge 1957
on  *agada*.

They are the following Indologists

Messrs. Daniel Stender, Asko Parpola,  François Vögeli, Chlodwig H. Werba,
Hartmut Büscher, Patrick Olivelle and Jonathan Silk.

It will be of immense help.

I apologise for not taking care to consult the *KEWA*. The publication of
the bigger *EWA* often makes one forget that the earlier smaller
publication is still useful.  I had not thought of the Poona Dictionary. I
should have.

Indology is indispensable for work. I thank the management too. I try to
and shall be glad to render any academic help to any colleague that is
possible for me to render. Indian publications are relatively easy to
upload. But I am unaware of the copyright encumbrances of Western ones.

My best wishes for your unimpeded progress.


Dipak Bhattacharya

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