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Dear Friends,

Could I expect a small help from any of my colleagues?

I do not have Albert Debrunner's Nachträge zu Band II.1, Altindishe
Grammatik (1957). Unfortunately our Central Library too does not have the
second edition of AiG II.1 with Debrunner's additions. When it came to my
notice this 1957 edition was reportedly unavailable in the market. I did
not find it in the Internet too.

Now, I require the note on *agada* reported in Hauschild's Register as
occurring on p.14 of the Nachträge. Could any colleague kindly send to me a
scan of note?  The matter will be acknowledged with gratitude if any
publication resulted from this.

I report here that I did not find *agada *in Mayrhofer 1992 -- 2001.

Best wishes for all

Dipak Bhattacharya

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