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Dear List,

Apologies for sending essentially the same message twice yesterday: I 
wanted to send notice about the availability of these files to several 
lists and inadvertently sent it twice to Indology.

To fill in some more of the background, in the mid 80s the PTS signed an 
agreement with the Dhammakaya Foundation in Thailand, who basically 
provided the necessary resources to input the text of the PTS edition of 
the canon. TEI-XML had yet to evolve and the plan was to produce a 
CD-ROM package. I think two versions were released in the 1990s and 
distributed to a number of people. The general verdict was that neither 
version worked particularly well. Some years went by. Eventually the 
Council of the PTS came to the conclusion that it was unfortunate that 
these digital files existed but very few had access to them. The 
simplest and most efficient way of making them widely available seemed 
to be to add them to the GRETIL resource. The Dhammakaya files were 
usable but certainly needed some tidying up. The PTS is extremely 
grateful to Reinhold Gruenendahl for all the work he has put in in order 
to make these files more user friendly and accessible. TEI-XML mark up 
would be a good next stage.

With best wishes,

Rupert Gethin

On 13/10/2014 17:37, Birgit Kellner wrote:
> These files are tremendously valuable, and the PTS, Rupert Gethin, the 
> Dhammakaya Foundation and Reinhold Gruenendahl deserve our heartfelt 
> thanks. This is truly a great initiative.
> Are there any plans to make them available in TEI-XML? That would 
> increase their utility tremendously.
> Or, to ask the question differently: Is there any particular reason 
> why TEI-XML was not chosen from the start?
> It has its disadvantages, like every markup language and encoding 
> schema, but it is so widely used now, and much more flexible than HTML.
> Thanks again,
> best regards,
> Birgit Kelner
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