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Since my name came up in the first of two (otherwise identical) messages posted yesterday by Professor Gethin, the following additional information may not be out of place.

As pointed out by Professor Gethin, the files now gradually made available on GRETIL are based on the digital text input by the Dhammakaya Foundation.

To take a concrete case, the Dhammakaya text of Samyuttanikaya 1 came like this:
for the original txt file see here:

In a first step, bracketed page numbers, page headers and footnotes are visually distinguished from the main text by means of typographical styles such as BOLD, ITALICS and REDLINE.
Then the footnote numbers scattered across the main text are filtered out in order to distinguish them, too, in REDLINE. This, I believe, enhances the readability of the main text.

Occasionally, as in the case of the Samyuttanikaya, a standardized structure of reference is added (indicated at the beginning of the GRETIL files):
SN_n.n,n.n = Samyutta-Nikaya_division.book,chapter.section

The result of the above measures is presented in the files described as
"Text in original PTS layout, with notes".

In these files the line breaks of the printed edition are preserved.


In a second step, footnote numbers and line breaks cutting across sentences are removed from the main text (along with the footnotes). In addition, content straddling page break is moved to the respective page above. This should enhance the usefulness of the files for text search.

The result of these additional measures is presented in the alternative files described as
"Plain floating text, without notes"


The download links for these two files are presented side by side, followed by alternative versions such as the BJT edition, where available, and links to related materials in the GRETIL e-library. In the case at hand, the ensemble looks like this:

Users are kindly requested to report any irregularity they may come across in using these (or other) GRETIL files.

Thanks again to the Pali Text Society for contributing the original files to the GRETIL collection.

Reinhold Grünendahl

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Dear All,

Members of this list will have seen Reinhold Gruenendahl's regular
updates concerning the availability of new texts on GRETIL. On behalf of
the PTS I thought it might be worth drawing attention to the regular
addition of texts of the PTS edition of the Pali canon.

In short, the Pali Text Society is pleased to announce the availability
of digital editions of the PTS edition of the Pali canon. The files are
being made available gradually, text by text, for free download on
GRETIL (Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages):


These files are based on the digital text input by the Dhammakaya
Foundation, Thailand, 1989-1996 and are made available by the Pali Text
Society for scholarly purposes only. In principle they represent a
digital edition (without revision or correction) of the printed editions
of the complete set of Pali canonical texts published by the PTS. While
they have been subject to a process of checking, it should not be
assumed that there is no divergence from the printed editions and it is
strongly recommended that they are checked against the printed editions
before quoting.

While the PTS edition of the canon can make no particular claim to
authority or accuracy, its text is the one most widely used and quoted
in the scholarly literature published over the last 125 years. These
files should therefore be a useful scholarly resource. The files include
the page numbers and line breaks of the printed edition.

Best wishes,

Rupert Gethin

University of Bristol
Department of Religion and Theology
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Email: Rupert.Gethin at bristol.ac.uk

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