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Thank you very much Prof. Dr. Jan E.M. Houben for all the references and
observations that bring out the yaajnik side of the issue in the quote
under discussion.

These references are interesting precisely in the light of what is already
very clearly found in Vedic texts (RV 5.44.14-15) and ritual:
TIME” (JIPh 30 [2002]) paragr. 3.3.

We thus see that the ritual as well as the Brahmana-explanations

associated with it possess features inevitably undermining and doing away
with the narrativity and historicity which, following Ricoeur’s

comprehensive analysis, at once pervade and shape mundane life. ... For
instance when the sacrificer in the Soma-sacrifice

has undergone the consecration (diksa) he is declared consecrated (diksita)
and one should not touch him nor call him by his own name until after the
sacrifice is over (Caland and Henry 1906: 20–21).

... The Adhvaryu-priest, at the beginning of the main offering on new- or
fullmoon day, is required to “think on Prajapati” (prajapatim manasa
dhyayan, Apastamba Srauta Sutra 2.12.7).

... formulas such as the so-called Dasahotr (Taittiriya Aranyaka 3.1) which
gives cosmic identifications of participants and instruments in the
sacrifice (Apastamba Srauta Sutra 4.9.3). ...

The participants thus associate themselves with cosmic entities, or even
lose their personalities of worldly narrative reality when they are
identified as players in an ahistoric cosmic drama.

Prof. Dr. Jan E.M. Houben,
Directeur d Etudes « Sources et Histoire de la Tradition Sanskrite »
Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sciences historiques et philologiques,
Sorbonne – 54, rue Saint-Jacques
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Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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