[INDOLOGY] Mahā bhā ṣ ya-Pradī pa-Prakā ś a of Pravartakopā dhyā ya

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There is an interview of Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat
in The Hindu dated 27 november 2014.

The link is:


The title is "Paninian from Paris".

The interview contains three reference to M. S. Narasimhacharya,
in the passages which read:

«Filliozat studied classical languages in Paris, and Vyakarana and 
Saiva agamas in Pondicherry, under M. S. Narasimhacharya and N.R. 
Bhatt, respectively. He learnt about Visishtadvaita too from 

«“Someone like my teacher Narasimhacharya, had no difficulty following 
any of this, because he had committed the Sutras to memory. But if you 
are using a book, you will have a tough time.”»

-- Jean-Luc Chevillard

P.S. in case the WebMail through which I am sending this has messed up 
with the diacritics, I apologize in advance.

On 26/11/2014 22:18, Madhav Deshpande wrote:> I have been reading the 
Mahābhāṣya-Pradīpa-Prakāśa of 
> edited by M. S. Narasimhacharya and published in 1986 from Pondichery.  
> There is no introduction to this volume, and no information about the 
> author.  I am wondering if anyone else has come across any information 
> about this author.
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