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Nagaraj Paturi nagarajpaturi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 18:31:57 UTC 2014

What is the context of this 'competetion' ? Was there a statement /
hypothesis /thesis that Sanskrit is spoken as first language or second
language by more people than those who speak English as first or second

If it is in the context of official language, currently in the Indian
Constitution there is only a mention of English after Hindi in this
context? Is there a proposal to remove English from this second position
and put Sanskrit in that place ? If yes, did those who made this proposal
argue that that should be done because Sanskrit has more first language or
second language speakers than English?

If it is in the context of three language formula, that is related to the
Sanskrit-German issue, English and Hindi have their permanent berths there
too. Sanskrit is being proposed for the third position only in some places
where the place of non-Hindi language of the Eighth Schedule of the Indian
constitution was not easily filled and Sanskrit is the logistically (on the
basis of availability of teachers in those places and a minimum number of
students opting for that language in those places) easier option. Where is
the need for discussion of  competition between English and Sanskrit ?

What is the context of providing a link to this news article ?

Is it to tell the list members that the list always focusses on such an
insignificant language of India which has very small number of first and
second language speakers? It is better to focus on English which has more
first and second language speakers than Sanskrit?

Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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