[INDOLOGY] New e-texts in the Muktabodha Digital Library

Harry Spier hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 16:08:47 UTC 2014

Dear list members,

Muktabodha is pleased to announce that 13 new searchable e-texts have been
added to our digital library.  Eight of these are from unedited manuscripts
from the NGMCP project.  There are on-line descriptive notes for these
below the links to the manuscripts.   The remaining five texts are from
previously printed editions.

Harry Spier
Manager, Muktabodha Digital Library
The title list is:

1. The Bhuvaneśvarīmahāstotra by Pṛthavīdharācārya with a commentary by
Kavi Padmanābha edited by Gopal Narayan Bahura

2. The Pāncarātrarakṣā by Vedānta ḍeśika edited by M. Duraiswāmy Aiyangār
and T. Venugopālacārya

3. The Devīrahasya and Uddhārakośa edited by Rāmacandra Kāka and Haribhaṭṭa

4. The Aśeṣakulavallarī is by Gaṇananāthabhaṭṭa from NGMCP Manuscript No. :
5-4656 Reel No. : A 175/11

5. Unnamed text from last part of a manuscript that begins with
Aśeṣakulavallarī called Parākramapujā by Mark S.G. Dyczkowski from NGMCP
Manuscript No. : 5-4656 Reel No. : A 175/11.

6. Saubhāgyataraṅgiṇī by Mukunda from part of NGMCP Manuscript No. : 5-4656
Reel No. : A 175/11

7. Troṭalātantra from NGMCP Manuscript No. : 5- 4852 Reel No. : B 126/9

8. Mokṣasopāna by Kāṇḍadvayātītayogī with commentary from NGMCP manuscript
No. 1-1397 Reel No. A-179/8

9. Nityākaulatantra from NGMCP Manuscript No. 2-226 Reel No. B26/21a

10. First 30 chapters of the Tantracintāmaṇi by Navamīsiṃha with the
commentary pañjikā from NGMCP Manuscript No. : 4-1665 Reel No. : B 131/2
(the final 10 chapters to be put up in the near future).

11. Vārāhītantra from NGMCP manuscript no.: 3-315 Reel No. : B 144/9 .

12. Carcāstava edited by Harabhatta Śastrī

13. Laghustava edited by Harabhatta Śastrī

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