[INDOLOGY] What is a "Mana" ?

asko.parpola at helsinki.fi asko.parpola at helsinki.fi
Mon Nov 10 07:07:28 UTC 2014

Your old microfilm is of high interest for Vedic scholars, especially
those studying the Vedic traditions of Kerala, for the Nambudiri Brahmin
Houses mentioned are among the most important houses with Vedic traditions.

The NeTumpiLLi TaraNanalluur Mana represents the rare Vaadhuula school
of Yajurveda and has many  manuscripts of this school, microfilmed,
studied and published by Professors Yasuke Ikari, Masato Fujii and
Mieko Kajihara of Japan- TaikkaaTu Mana is one of the few Vaidika houses
having the right to organise Vedic Soma sacrifices, and Kaavapra MaaRattu
Mana is one of the few families with Soma sacrificers in recent times.

Best regards, Asko Parpola

Quoting Harry Spier <hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com>:

> Dear list members,
> We have some old microfilm in our archives which is labelled as having been
> taken some at Nedumpilli Mana, Taikkat Mana and Kavapramarth Mana.
> I've found this website "Famous Manas in Kerala"
> http://www.karmakerala.com/guide/famous-manas-in-kerala-guide.html
> which lists Nedumpilli Mana amoung others but I'm still not clear what
> exactly is meant by a "Mana".  Is it an extended family home?, the center
> of a religious sect?, a religious school? or something else.
> Apologies if this is an elementary question, any help would be appreciated.
> Harry Spier
> Manager, Muktabodha Digital Library

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