[INDOLOGY] Childhood and Children in Ancient India

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Mon Nov 3 19:58:06 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues,

I would be grateful for further recommendations of secondary studies pertaining to childhood and children in ancient India, especially those with a historical, epigraphical, or literary focus.  I am aware of the studies below that touch on some aspects of children’s lives and training. The literature on sons specifically is easier to find, but it clusters around the ideal twelve-sons categorization in Dharmasastra.  I’m looking for studies outside of Dharmasastra, if possible.  SARDS-3 was helpful.  Is there nothing more like Phillipe Aries’s Centuries of Childhood, for those of you who may know it?  Any leads would be appreciated.


Don Davis
Dept of Asian Studies
University of Texas at Austin

Granoff, Phyllis. “Fathers and Sons: Some Remarks on the Ordination of Children in the Medieval Śvetāmbara Monastic Community”
Kakar, Sudhir. The Inner World
Katre, S. M. “On some words for 'child' in Indo-Aryan”
Meyer, J.J. Sexual Life in Ancient India
Rocher, Ludo. “The Status of Minors in Classical Hindu Law”
Scharfe, Hartmut. Education in Ancient India
Schopen, Gregory, “The Urban Buddhist Nun and a Protective Rite for Children in Early North India”
Silk, Jonathan A. “Child abandonment and homes for unwed mothers in ancient India: Buddhist sources”
Verpoorten, Jean-Marie. “L'enfant dans la littérature rituelle védique (brāhmaṇa)”

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