[INDOLOGY] Vedas: Divisions, Dating and Language

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On textual divisions, might I also recommend the following?

L. Renou, "Les divisions dans les textes sanskrits", IIJ 1 (1957) 1-32 (= Choix d’études indiennes. Réunies par N. Balbir et G.-J. Pinault. Paris 1997, II/487-518).

And perhaps my own article, "The Textual Divisions of the Paippalāda Saṃhitā", WZKS 47 (2003), 5-35.

Best wishes,

Arlo Griffiths

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    Dear List Members


      I am grateful for all the insightful comments that members
      generously shared in response to my query. Here are the


          Mimamsa, 2.1 (adhikaranas 7-8 and 10-12) in Śabara and
          James A. Santucci, "An Outline of Vedic Literature." (AAR) Minnesota: Scholar's Press. 
          Frits Staal's *Discovering the Vedas* Penguin, 2008. 
        Witzel and by Witzel and Jamieson, at http://indology.info/papers/
          Michael Witzel, "Tracing the Vedic Dialects" in Colette Caillat (ed.), Dialectes dans les littératures indo-aryennes. Paris: Institut de Civilisation Indienne, 1989: 97-264

      Many thanks!



      On 12/05/2014 11:22 PM, Shyam Ranganathan wrote:

      Indology List members,


      I appreciate that this may seem a basic question. It's so basic, I
      don't have any fantastic references!


      I was hoping for references to authoritative accounts of the
      division of the Vedas into versions (Rg, Yajur etc.,), parts
      (Mantra, Brahmana etc.)  and dates in English.


      I was also interested in linguistic accounts of the Vedas that
      might distinguish the earlier and later Vedas on linguistic lines.


      All help is most appreciated!


      Gratefully yours,






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