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As a belated reaction the following remarks:
Perhaps Indians should actually read Mein Kampf very thoroughly and see that Herr Hitler was vehemently opposed to Indian independence from Britain. Chapter 14 entitled in German: Ostorientierung und Ostpolitik, (p 746 ff edition 1934). Htiler was even aware of Indian revolutionaries staying in Berlin but he thought nothing of them. India should forever remain under British (ie white Aryan) Herrschaft. I agree that in order to reach these passages one has had to wade through the whole book. Actually Hitler disdained Indians and their culture, even Hindu culture. It was Heinrich Himmler who allegedly admired Hinduism. I might add that the indological contributions to the 'thought' of some leading national socialist ideologues would be an important and fascinating historical topic of research. I am not sure if I would agree with asking Motilall Banarsidass to stop reprinting or republishing Mein Kampf. After all, the book is available in almost every large railway station in India. I, at least, have seen it in Howrah station and in Delhi.
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