[INDOLOGY] Harikṛṣṇa, author of Bṛhajjyotiṣārṇava

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Fri Mar 28 11:54:20 UTC 2014

Dear list,

I am looking for any biographical information - or suggestions on where 
to find the same - for the jyotirvid Harikṛṣṇa who completed his 
"Bṛhajjyotiṣārṇava" in 1871.

So far, all I have is the following bit of information from Gudrun 
Bühnemann's "Maṇḍala's and Yantras in the Hindu Tradition" (BRILL, 
2003), p. 74:

"Harikṛṣṇa's father was Veṅkaṭarāma, an audīcya Brahmin of Gujarāt of 
the audīcya-sahasra branch who resided in Aurangabad. Veṅkaṭarāma 
belonged to the vājasaneya-śākhā of the White Yajur-Veda and the 

Any assistance will be much appreciated!

Kind regards,

Jacob Schmidt-Madsen
Teaching Assistant
Department of Indology
University of Copenhagen

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