[INDOLOGY] shaiva workshop in Paris 24.03-28.03

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Thu Mar 20 14:19:37 UTC 2014

Dear Members,


If you happen to be in or near Paris the
next week, may I draw your attention to the following workshop, whose title is "History of Shaivism: Readings in Inscriptions and Early Manuscripts". Everybody is
welcome and participation is free.

 The venues: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: Maison de l’Asie, 22 avenue du Président
Wilson, 75116 Paris. Thursday: CEIAS,190-198 avenue de France - Paris 13e - 6e étage, salle 640.
Here is the program:


Monday 24.03:

9.30-12.30: Excerpts from the Niśvāsatattvasaṃhitā, Dominic GOODALL (EFEO)

14.30-17.30: Śaiva passages in Pallava Inscriptions, Emmanuel FRANCIS (CNRS)


Tuesday 25.03:

9.30-12.30:  The Origins of the Skull and Skull-staff: Excerpts from Brahmayāmala, paṭala 83, Shaman HATLEY (Concordia, Montreal)

14.30-17.30: Śaiva Inscriptions from Cambodia, Dominic GOODALL (EFEO)


Wednesday 26.03:

9.30-12.30:  LECTURES: • On the Amṛtasiddhi, James MALLINSON (SOAS); • Śaiva and Vaiṣṇava Inscriptions
of the Licchavis, Kengo HARIMOTO (Hamburg); • Inscribing Merit, Obtaining
Might: Recovering Early Strategies for Establishing and Solidifying Śaiva Practices in Licchavi Nepal,
Nina MIRNIG (Cambridge); • Announcement of the Preparation of a New Critical
Edition: Abhinavagupta’s Gītārthasaṃgraha, Lyne BANSAT-BOUDON (EPHE) and Judit TÖRZSÖK (UMR 7528/Lille

14.30-17.30: Visit to the Musée Guimet led by Charlotte SCHMID (EFEO) and Dominic


Thursday 27.03: 

9.30-12.30:  Śiva
As the Supreme God and the Sacred Place of Śrīparvata (Reading
Chapter 70 of the Skandapurāṇa),
Judit TÖRZSÖK (UMR 7528/Lille III). Synopsis by Peter BISSCHOP (Leiden)

14.30-17.30:  A Bilingual
(Sanskrit-Kannada) Śaiva
Inscription from the

Praṇaveśvara Temple in Tāḷagunda (1158 AD), Florinda DE SIMINI
(L’Orientale, Naples)


Friday 28.03:

9.30-12.30:  The
Birth of Skanda (Reading Chapter 72 of the
Skandapurāṇa) Yuko YOKOCHI (Kyoto). Synopsis by Peter BISSCHOP (Leiden)

14.30-17.30:  On the Classification and
Treatment of Fever in the Kriyākālaguṇottara, Michael SLOUBER (Western Washington)


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