[INDOLOGY] 'Joy of Sanskrit' electronic textbook now available

Robert Zydenbos zydenbos at uni-muenchen.de
Mon Mar 3 12:31:00 UTC 2014

McComas Taylor wrote:

> Dear Colleagues
> I am delighted to announce that ANU Press has published/The Joy of
> Sanskrit: A First-Year Syllabus for Tertiary Students, /written with my
> colleague Grazia Scotellaro.  [...]
> It is freely avaible in the public domain, and runs on Mac, iPads,
> iPhones and Android systems. (Windows version is still to come).

I downloaded the ebook and was considering putting it onto my own 
website for faster download for my students here in Germany -- but then 
I read the following, which seems to contradict what you write about the 
public domain:

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, 
stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, 
electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior 
permission of the publisher.

I suppose this is the real copyright status (which I can understand, 
seeing the amount of work that has gone into it). May we redistribute it 
through other websites, provided we get that permission? In any case I 
can put the Australian URL on my webpages.


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