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Hello Mark,
Here are some starters. In my Myth as Argument: The Bṛhaddevatā as Canonical Commentary (Degruyter, 1996), I have a discussion on the genre of anukramaṇī as a commentarial strategy (pp. 30-35). The first chapter (pp.1-30) you might also find useful.
The final chapter (pp.441-464) discusses the role of the index and encyclopedia as a genre, both in India and more broadly. You should also look at (and probably have already) Tokunaga, "The Texts and Legends of the Bṛhaddevatā." PhD Dissertation, Harvard University, 1976, and A. A. MacDonnell's edition of the Kātyāyana Sarvānukramaṇī, with Commentary of Śaḍguruśiṣya. (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1886).
Hope this is useful.

Laurie Patton
Durden Professor of Religions
Dean, Arts & Sciences
Duke University

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Dear List Members,

Could someone please point me in the direction of discussions of anukramaṇikā, “tables of content,” “indexes,” in Vedic or later Sanskrit literature (their origin, nature, function, where they occur, etc.).


Mark Allon
University of Sydney

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