[INDOLOGY] what is the best place in India for epistemological studies

Viktoria Lysenko vglyssenko at yandex.ru
Sat Mar 1 11:38:14 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues,
I have an opportunity to go to India to finalize my research project on the problem of nirvikalpaka-savikalpaka pratyaksha in Indian philosophy. In fact, I already translated a number of Buddhist and Brahmanical texts for an anthology of Sanskrit texts on perception in Russian.
Now  I have to make a proposition for Indian Embassy and to indicate the centre or institution where I want to stay and work and the names of Indian specialists with whom I want to corroborate on this subject. For many years I worked with late professor Sri Narayana Mishra in Varanasi, now I would like to find a place with good library and research facilities as well as with experts  who could help me in my reseach. I read a book of Professor Rita Gupta on perception and would like to make her a key person of my fellowship but I could not find any references to her actual situation. I hope that she lives in India. 
Could anyone send me her e-mail?
Any other suggestions concerning the place and the person or persons which I may refer to are welcome!
I also will be grateful if you could suggest me Indian experts in cognitive sciences and philosophy of mind who live in India. I have head about National Institite for Advanced Studies in Bangalore, but on their site I could not find any information about these kind of studies...
Thank you in advance

Victoria Lysenko, dr.hab.philos.
Head, Department for Oriental philosophy studies
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Volkhonka, 14
Professor, Russian State University for Humanities

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