[INDOLOGY] sentences inserted in the RV padapāṭha

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Dear colleagues,

I’m cataloguing a manuscript containing the padapāṭha of the first two aṣṭakas of the ṚV (= ṚV.1.1 to ṚV.3.6). At the end of each sūkta, as well as after the fifth (and fifteenth) ṛc in a sūkta, a short sentence is given, that is incomprehensible to me. I paste below here the first four and the last three of these sentences (the underscores stand for virāmas):

between 1.1.5 and 1.1.6: sāstvabjānutthayāgammyamanaḍvannarccanāddhvanaḥ 
at the end of 1.1: pavasvānirjane ddhvannasanamann atra nirnnayam
between 1.2.5 and 1.2.6: dhanvīsannālayādūnādhanavannarttanāśinā
at the end of 1.2: tat_gatir nnavanaṃ ruṣṭaṃ sanadannasya naṣṭanam


after the end of 3.5:  sūdaśīyākvarālikhyākvāk_kannayajanasvanaḥ
between 3.6.5 and 3.6.6: mandeniṣkāsirāsainīsāvatyak_karṇanandhanaḥ
at the end of 3.6: yudhiceṭīgarātunniyānyak_tasyak_nayāṣṭakām

Can you help me making a sense out of them?

Many thanks in advance,

Marco Franceschini

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