[INDOLOGY] "Nirvikalpabhaṅga" of Veṇīdatta

Amit Chaturvedi amitc at hawaii.edu
Sat Jun 21 06:36:26 UTC 2014

Dear Indology Listmembers,

I am looking for any information about a text titled *Nirvikalpabhaṅga *that
is attributed to Veṇīdatta/Vāgīśa Bhaṭṭa, the 17th-century author of
*Padārthamaṇḍana*, *Bhedajayaśrī, *etc.

The only mention of the text I have found is in Anantalal Thakur's *Origin
and Development of the Vaiśeṣika System *(p. 361)*. *A list of Veṇīdatta's
works is given that includes a "Nirvikalpabhaṅga." Prof. Thakur writes that
these texts are "available to us," though he does not specify what that
amounts to. The text is not listed in Karl Potter's bibliography of Indian
Philosophy. T.P. Upadhyaya's introduction to the Sarasvati Bhavan edition
of *Bhedajayaśrī *also gives a shorter list of works by Veṇīdatta, but that
list makes no mention of "Nirvikalpabhaṅga."

I would be grateful for any further leads that anyone could provide about
the text and whether there is an extant manuscript. Thank you for your help,


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