[INDOLOGY] Sanskrit cardinal numerals: clarification

Brendan Gillon brendan.gillon at mcgill.ca
Wed Jun 18 12:08:38 UTC 2014

Thanks to the several people who responded, to whom I have replied off list.

By way of clarification, I am especially interested in the conventions 
governing the extension of the counting system to extremely large 
positive integers.

The problem I have set myself is to define formally a counting sequence 
for a variety of natural languages. On the one hand, I am interested in 
numeral systems as a subgrammar of a natural language illustrating many 
of the problems of the larger grammar of which it is a part; and on the 
other hand, once I work out the details for a language, I then formulate 
an exercise,on the basis of the grammar I have worked out, for my 
students in my course, Introduction to Semantics.

Cordially yours,

Brendan Gillon


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