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These points have been discussed in the books on the History of Telugu
language. I shall check if any book/article written in English on the
subject covered these details and get back to you.



On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 9:07 AM, Dipak Bhattacharya <dipak.d2004 at gmail.com>

> This is interesting. But, is the related history documented? Dani's
> account of the evolution of the southern scripts does not go into so much
> detail. I shall be glad to have a published account of the evolution.
> Best
> DB
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> wrote:
>> 1. In Telugu (probably in all Dravidian) inscriptions, anusvāra , a full
>> circle,  was a later borrowing from Northern Brahmi orthography.
>> 2. There is ardha (half) anusvāra, a verticle half of a circle also in
>> classical Telugu orthography.  There is evidence to believe that this
>> script symbol was used to indicate nasalization of the preceding vowel.
>> There is evidence also to believe that the script symbol survived even
>> after the nasalization was lost in pronunciation by the preceding vowel.
>> 3. The ardha (half) anusvara, the verticle half of a circle is a later
>> invention in the Telugu orthography. During early Telugu inscriptions, when
>> the ardha (half) anusvara, the verticle half of a circle was not invented
>> yet, full anusvāra, full circle itself was used in the place of ardha
>> anusvāra also. A full circle not followed by a glyph for a nasal indicated
>> the ardha (half) anusvara (nasalization of the preceding vowel) whereas a
>> full circle followed by a nasal indicated full anusvāra (nasal first part
>> of a cluster).
>> This is just to see if this provides any clue here.
>> Nagaraj
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