[INDOLOGY] Call for Abstracts 16th WSC LINGUISTICS (to be submitted before 15 October 2014)

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16th World Sanskrit Conference, Bangkok, Thailand 28 June–02 July 2015:
Call for Abstracts for the Section of Linguistics
Linguistics is one of the most widely recognized branches of science
represented at all major universities in the world.  It is also the
scientific discipline where solid and clearly identifiable pioneering
achievements of the Sanskrit tradition from the first millennium before CE
onwards (in the form of the linguistic analyses of the Padakāras, Pāṇini’s
grammar, Bhartrhari’s linguistic theories, etc.) are most widely
recognized. Abstracts of papers in the broad domain of Sanskrit Linguistics
are invited preferably in English because of its general accessibility, but
also, in view of its long-standing status as academic language in
linguistics, in Sanskrit. All abstracts proposed for the Section of
Linguistics will be judged in the same transparent way according to the
originality of the contribution (apūrvatva), the indication of evidence in
the form of linguistic observations and citation of sources (pratyakṣa),
the theoretical framework (āgama), and, if applicable, a summary of the
argument (anumāna). Papers which primarily deal with philological problems
or with non-linguistic topics will be referred to one of the other
Sections, for which please see:
where also the form for submission of the abstract can be found.
Closing date for the submission of abstracts: 15 OCTOBER 2014

Suggested areas of research:
- linguistics of Sanskrit
- linguistics of Vedic Sanskrit
- linguistics of epic, hybrid, classical Sanskrit
- Sanskrit and comparative linguistics
- Sanskrit and language typology
- sociolinguistics of Sanskrit and its relationship with Prakrit, Pali,
Apabhraṁśa, medieval and modern Indian languages.
- didactics of Sanskrit
- linguistic, grammatical, morphological, syntactic, semantic issues in
Sanskrit (... in Vedic, in epic ... Sanskrit)
- linguistic theories in Sanskrit works

Prof. Dr. Jan E.M. Houben,
Directeur d Etudes « Sources et Histoire de la Tradition Sanskrite »
Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, SHP,
A la Sorbonne,45-47, rue des Ecoles,
75005 Paris -- France.
JEMHouben at gmail.com

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