[INDOLOGY] 150th Birth Anniversary of Moriz Winternitz (1863-1937)!!!

Dr. Debabrata Chakrabarti dchakra at hotmail.de
Thu Jan 23 13:40:38 UTC 2014

Dear List Members,

Dr. Jaroslav Vacek, Professor and Director of the Institute of
South & Central Asian Studies and former Dean of the Philosophical Faculty at
the Charles University, receiver of the Kural Pitam Award for the year 2009-10 from the President of India,  has kindly informed me that his institute has already
organized a conference,  

Pandanus 2013 to the memory of Moriz Winternitz at Charles University
in Prague. Please see the link:


All are requested to have a glimpse of the journal published so far:

Journal Pandanus '13

http://iu.ff.cuni.cz/pandanus/publications/ -
where the last two issues are devoted to the memory of Moriz Winternitz


Debabrata Chakrabarti

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is like a musical instrument; what you hear depends upon how you play it.” –
Anandamayi Ma 

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