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Dear Discutants,

another *locus classicus, *re relics and their power to help visualization:

Mahavamsa, XVII, 1-3, relics as :

1. Vutthavasso pavāretvā kattikapuṇṇamāsiyaṃ
Avove'daṃ mahārājaṃ mahāthero mahāmati:

2. "Ciradiṭṭho hi sambuddho satthā no manujādhipa,
Anāthavāsaṃ avasimha, natthi no pūjiyaṃ idha."

3. "Bhāsittha nanu bhante me sambuddho nibbuto" iti.
Āha "*dhātusu diṭṭhesu diṭṭho hoti jino*" iti.

Wilhelm Geiger's translation:

WHEN the great thera of lofty wisdom, after spending the rain-season
had held the pavarana-ceremony, on the full-moon day of the month Kattika, he
spoke thus to the king:
'Long is the time, O lord of men, since we have seen the Sambuddha.
We lived a life without a master. There is nothing here for us to worship.'
And to the question:
'Yet hast thou not told me, sir, that the Sambuddha is passed into
he answered: '*If we behold the relics we behold the Conqueror*.'

And - Bodhi-tree (bodhidruma, bodhivṛkṣa) as a visualization support?


Artur Karp
Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit and Pali (ret.)
South Asian Studies Dept.
University of Warsaw

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