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Also relevant here is a recent blog post by Stephan Beyer where he
surveys some of the Buddhist primary sources while also looking at
Hindu texts, cites some useful translations and gives a theoretical


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On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 5:43 AM, Michael Radich
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> Dear James,
>> Can anyone advise me as to how common visualisation of the Buddha or Guru is in Buddhist meditative practice?
> I must add, to the useful studies already mentioned,
> Greene, Eric Matthew. “Meditation, Repentance and Visionary Experience in Early Medieval Chinese Buddhism.” PhD dissertation, U. C. Berkeley, 2012.
> Greene makes insightful observations on the whole category of "visualisation" (including a genealogy of the term in modern English, and an analysis of the connections between that general development and the use of the term in Buddhological scholarship), in addition to a wealth of extremely useful empirical observations about a range of related phenomena in various traditional texts. In my humble opinion, this dissertation makes an important contribution to our understanding of a number of questions, and deserves attention not just from scholars of Chinese Buddhism, but from scholars interested in a wide range of problems, including meditation practice and theory and their history in general.
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