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Gary Tubb tubb at uchicago.edu
Mon Jan 13 16:39:57 UTC 2014

I post the following message at the request of my colleague Professor 

Dear Indology members,
I should be grateful if anyone can provide bibliographical or other 
information about Jayendra Saraswati, the Sankaracarya of Kanchi.I am 
NOT interested (or not much) in the recent scandals involving murder and 
women, but rather in his previous life and career, and about the 
bureaucratic/organizational structure of Sankaracaryas.He is featured in 
Part 2 of the 3-part DVD series ‘Sadhus – India’s Holy Men’.
I am not a member of Indology, so please write to me at 
s-collins at uchicago.edu <mailto:s-collins at uchicago.edu>.I shall be happy 
to share whatever information I receive with the Indology list in due 
With proleptic thanks,
Steve Collins
University of Chicago

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