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Dear list members,

I am working on a paper and translating therefore parts of  the Sanskrit
text known as *Kṛṣiparāśara, *in which practices of astral sciences are
applied to  agricultural activities. Verses 8b and 9 are a tribute to the
practice of honoring guests. As they are not related neither with  previous
nor with subsequent verses, and as they remind Brahmanical prescriptions
found in *dharmaśāstra* literature, I suspect they may have another source,
which however I struggle to locate. Any information offered would be very
much appreciated and, if used, would be properly attributed.

*kṛṣirdhanyā kṛṣirmedhyā jantūnāṃ jīvanaṃ kṛṣiḥ *

*hiṃsādidoṣayukto ’pi mucyate ’tithipūjanāt* ||8||

*tenārcitaṃ jagat sarvamatithiryena pūjitaḥ |*

*arcitāstena devāśca sa eva puruṣottamaḥ* ||9||

P.S. Verse 2  may also sound *dharma**ś**āstric*:

*caturvedāntago vipraḥ śāstravādī vicakṣaṇaḥ |*

*alakṣmyāḥ gṛhyate so’pi prārthanālāghavānvitaḥ* ||2||

Thank you very much in advance,

yours sincerely,


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